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Doubling Down with Double Denim Directors / workshop and talk with Anna Dean + Angela Meyer at Objectspace, Design Assembly, October 26, 2018

Diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand Design — what does it mean and why does it matter? / Design Assembly Spring Conversations, Auckland and Wellington, October 16, 2018

Taonga tuku Iho. Treasure handed down / a focus on indigenous ‘diversity weaving’, Desna Whaanga-Schollum, Keynote speaker, Artlands Australia, October 10, 2018

Public forum workshops x3 / Designers Institute of New Zealand, AKL: October 9, WGN: October 11, CHC: October 17, 2018


Designers Speak (Up) launches directory of New Zealand women designers / Elly Strang, Idealog Magazine, October 2018

Reputations: Sheila Levrant de Bretteville / ‘Diversity and inclusiveness are our only hope. It is not possible to plaster everything over with clean elegance. Dirty architecture, fuzzy theory and dirty design must also be out there.’ / Interview by Ellen Lupton, Eye No 8 vol. 2, 1993  

What would cities look like if they were designed by mothers? / Christine Murray, The Guardian, August 2018

Equal Pay Starts with Transparency / Dr Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Newsroom, August 2018

Diversity & Inclusion: A Panel / Natasha Markham, A+W NZ, February 2018

The Bamboo Ceiling / ‘It can be hard to aspire to leadership when you can’t identify with anyone at the top. But that might just be changing’ / Fiona Young, Parlour, November 2017

The Real Issue is Access / Lynda Simmons, A+W NZ, October 2015

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Directory of Women Designers

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Invisible: Women in Australian Graphic Design

Parlour: women, equity, architecture

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