Silk-screen prints

A sneak preview of five of the nine silk-screen printed posters, including posters by Ella Sutherland, Bryn Fenemor, and the original set of three by Catherine Griffiths.

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A1 portrait, 594 x 841mm

The nine are now for available on our SHOP. All proceeds go back into Designers Speak (Up) to help cover website expenses and costs associated with the movement, such as printing posters, making badges, being visible and having a voice.

1997–2017, 40/3 Black Pins / Catherine Griffiths / NZ$43
2018 Best Design Awards Jury / Catherine Griffiths / NZ$43
25 Bros in a Row / Ella Sutherland / NZ$43
Diptych Study Visualisation 1 / Bryn Fenemor / NZ$43
#ff3333 Directory of Women Designers / NZ$43

No two posters are the same — hand-printed by volunteers with the assistance of Struan Hamilton and Greg Thomas from AUT’s printmaking department (and the bindery, thank you!), using Permaset inks on Colourplan papers donated by Paper Source NZ: Ebony 175gsm / Purple 135gsm / Real Grey 135gsm / Bright Red 135gsm.

Find out more about each of the posters (view them large), and why they were made:

— the three original protest posters (40/3, archive, and jury) 
— the subsequent 42/3, and updated archive posters
— Ella Sutherland’s 25 Bros in a Row
— Bryn Fenemor’s Diptych Study
— our very first Directory ‘template’ poster


Poster Index

1997–2017, 40/3 Black Pins
1997–2017, 40/3 Black Pins Archive
2018 Best Design Awards Jury
25 Bros in a Row
Diptych Study Visualisation 1
Diptych Study Visualisation 2
1997–2018, 42/3 Black Pins
1997–2018, 42/3 Black Pins Archive
#ff3333 Directory of Women Designers

For more on our kaupapa, read about our Designers Speak (Up) hui/kai/mahi = screen printing session and our intention to build an archive of posters.