‘25 Bros in a Row’

Poster contribution by Sydney-based New Zealand artist and graphic designer Ella Sutherland, whose practice is “concerned with giving shape to text and visual language in a contemporary cultural sphere” —

‘25 Bros in a Row’ / Ella Sutherland, 2018

Mined from the Black Pin Recipient Archive on the Best Awards website, 25 Bros in a Row reflects on the continued trajectory of design in New Zealand. While I don’t want to dwell in this archive, this may be an apt moment to think about what our archive, what our physical means of communication might say about us to future generations.

Why is it that feminist and queer publishing is virtually invisible in New Zealand? As history pins another round of achievements to the canon, how might the lives and languages of those so far missed by the Best be admitted to the frame?


Ella Sutherland / artist, graphic designer


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