Email Tautoko

by Elisapeta Heta, Ngaati Wai

In an unfolding email dialogue I have expressed support for this kaupapa and have given permission for my response to be shared publicly to encourage designers to come forward and broaden contribution.

Teenaa koe e Catherine,

Mo taau tino tautoko ki te kaupapa nei, he waahine maataatoa, he waahine atawhai, he waahine arohanui hoki.

I tautoko you and your mahi and thank you for shining a light where many know there is work to be done. Surely, we all know that to truly whakamana our profession (and the clients, communities and ngaa tangata that they represent or speak to), that our platforms that make visible this important work, need to be held accountable to standards of equality and mana that enhances the present and the future of our professions.

To add to your tohu that has been put forth to audit this kaupapa, I would similarly recommend a kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) hui that truly enhances and acknowledges the collective body of people prepared to make positive change. This needs to be made accessible, transparent and focus on transformative systems.

I do hope that for our taamariki — waahine & taane alike, under the mana of Te Tiriti and the potential of Aotearoa — we can abolish these barriers of bias so this conversation is nothing but a moment in time.

Ngaa manaakitanga,

Elisapeta Heta / Ngaati Wai, Ngaa Aho Komiti member, NZIA Councillor, Waahine …

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