‘Amplifying Muslim Voices: A Reading List’ and other writings

Twelve days have passed since the terror attacks on the Muslim community in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa New Zealand, twelve days listening to myriad voices across social media, on the news, and in person, with more to come. We share some of the reading we encountered, and as collated by The (indomitable) Pantograph Punch:

Amplifying Muslim Voices: A Reading List and other writings speak to the issues, “confronting our own complacency towards white supremacy and islamophobia”, deep-rooted racism and white defensiveness, investigating the nothing-comes-out-of-a-vacuum, and finding ways to “interrogate our own biases and those of others to prevent hate from spreading”.

Fellow designer Meena Kadri who is of Muslim ancestry, together with Te Ataahia Castorina, compiled a set of Māori words and English translations “celebrating unity” as a public offering … “Words have the power to go straight to people’s hearts and it’s important that we choose the words that we speak, especially given that there are people in New Zealand that can no longer speak.”

In ‘Islamophobia: A Personal Reflection’, Hala Nasr reminds us, “he waka eke noa — we are all in this together”.

Illustration: Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho The Pantograph Punch