Lost Time

To mark International Womens’ Day, Designers Speak (Up) is thrilled to share a new project by two New Zealanders, London-based creative pair, Alice Murray and Lauren Priestley, Lost Time, launched on March 4th 2020.

The pay gap in the UK is 17.3%. This means women effectively work for free for 63 days of the year, equivalent to two months of time every year. March 4th was the 64th day, the first day that women get paid. 

For 63 days of the year, women are unpaid / poster: Alice Murray and Lauren Priestley

Lost Time is a project to spark action and conversation around the gender pay gap. An initiative by Alice Murray (associate partner at Pentagram) and Lauren Priestley (creative director at Redwood), Lost Time presents this data as a large-format (B1), limited-edition print, typeset in New Rail Alphabet designed by A2-Type, a revival of the British Rail typeface designed by Margaret Calvert of Kinneir Calvert Associates in the early 60s.

This gap is even larger in the creative industry but, because the majority of agencies don’t have to file a report, that means we’re all but invisible from the pay gap debate. 

Help Alice and Lauren (and the world) put an end to gender leadership imbalance and spread the word by putting their super cool print up on your wall. Or, get two — and they will send one directly to your company’s CEO with an anonymous note! Buy yours at losttimeproject.com

All profits go towards charities and nonprofits working towards gender equality in the creative industry. Designers Speak (Up) is thrilled to be included as one of the recipients of support together with Ladies, Wine & Design and Creative Equals


The Lost Time Project thanks Gavin Martin / A2 Type / Andree  Martis  / Jane Stockdale / Emily Powell / Amy Thomson, Chartered Accountant / Creative Equals / Designers Speak (Up) / Ladies, Wine & Design / Rebecca Rowntree / Female Quotient.

Follow the Lost Time Project on Instagram @losttimeproject
Read about New Rail Alphabet, Britain’s signature, Eye Magazine, 2009
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