Mate Act Now

by Catherine Griffiths

Mate Act Now is a climate change “poster protest for the digital generation”, initiated by Aotearoa New Zealand designer Chris Flack earlier this year in response to the Australian bushfires. Over 100 posters made by designers worldwide protesting climate change and drive political action were launched online on Earth Day (April 22nd) to help raise awareness.

At Designers Speak (Up), we’ve picked out posters that speak acutely and intelligently to this important and urgent call by Mate Act Now (aka MAN) — to all people, not just your mate as it turns out — and are delighted to discover a good portion of our selection are by women/womxn/non-binary designers who took part in Present Tense : Wāhine Toi Aotearoa. We’ve included theirs, and others in the mix:

1) Inger Opie
2) Carol Green
3) Alice Murray
4) Amy Yalland
5) Phoebe Ellis
6) Caitlin Rassie
7) Caroline Konarkowska
8) Leah Surynt
9) Erin Joyce
10) Anushka Harrison

1) Amy Yalland
2) Milly Scott
3) Charlotte McCrae
4) Jef Wong
5) Seachange
6) Think Work Observe
7) StudioDBD
8) Matthew Galloway
9) Tana Mitchell
10) Janelle Rodrigues

1) Wade and Leta
2) Laura Griffiths
3) Jarrid Berry
4) TypographHer
5) Jinki Cambronero
6) Dominic Hofstede
7) Kate Darby
8) Lauren Priestley
9) Erin Broughton
10) Kate Slavin

See the full collection online where they can be downloaded and shared for free. A limited edition publication is also available for purchase, with proceeds going to the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund.

“In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it’s powerful to know that the advertising and design community can come together to effect change,” Flack says. “We don’t want to take away from the enormous toll COVID-19 is taking on human health and the global economy, but the greatest long term threat to everything we hold dear is climate change. It’s important we don’t lose perspective of that and continue to do what we all can, with the skills we each possess, to tackle the climate crisis with the same willpower and global collaboration being displayed in the fight against COVID-19.”

The book includes a foreword from Jack Mussett, introduction from climate activist Adrien Taylor, and thought piece from Kevin Finn. Visit to pre-order your limited edition copy.

Chris Flack
Liam Ooi
New Territory Studio
Josiah Rees
Adrien Taylor
Jack Mussett
Kevin Finn
Chris Flack
BJ Ball Papers NZ
Spectrum Print
Christchurch New Zealand
Maria by Phil Baber
Jenny Theolin

Mate Act Now _The Book

(noted, and perhaps fitting given the project title, one of the two female team mates happens to be Maria, the typeface used throughout the campaign)